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The global pandemic has taught us many lessons about the world in which we live. 其中一个教训是,生活可以完全不可预测. While we could never have imagined our world being turned upside down beginning in early 2020, 我们懂得了灵活变通的重要性.

这场大流行不仅改变了我们的个人生活, it also drastically changed our professional lives—and it continues to do so, 即使2021年即将结束.

Over the past year and a half, the pandemic created profound changes to the way we interact and work. 由此,出现了几个工作趋势. These trends will impact our new business culture and how we all work in the future:


Prior to the pandemic, our professional and personal identities were not connected. 然而, 几个月来极速从我们的家庭办公室打来电话, 与配偶, 孩子们, 以及出现无数次的宠物, 我们的职业和个人身份已经融为一体. And this most likely will not change as we move into a post-pandemic normal.

简单地说, business leaders must understand that the clear division between work and home life is no longer real. 我们的职业身份和个人身份已经交织在一起, 各国领导人必须把握这一新的现实. One lesson from the pandemic is that work and life can no longer be treated as two separate concepts.

事实上,根据 Gartner的 2020重新构想人力资源员工调查, 当雇主与雇员建立更深厚的关系时, t在这里 is a 23 percent increase in the number of employees reporting better mental health and a 17 percent increase in the number of employees reporting better physical health. And employers who holistically support their employees achieve a 21 percent increase in high performers.

“When organizations take a more holistic viewpoint of their employees and try to support them personally, 在专业上, employees report that their employer has a positive impact on multiple aspects of their lives,Brian Kropp解释道, Gartner人力资源实践研究主管.

Today’s business leaders are realizing the need to develop deeper connections with employees via mental health, 情感, 和财政支持. 像这样, they are not only choosing to provide professional counseling services to support mental health, but also offering free access to learning and development resources to families who have been impacted by COVID-19.


Today’s employees want to work for organizations w在这里 the organization’s cultural values align with their own. 事实上, in 2020, Gartner research found that 74 percent of employees expect their employer to become more actively involved in the cultural debates of the day. 除了, a Gartner survey found that the number of employees considered to be highly engaged increased from 40 percent to 60 percent when their organization took a stance on today’s important social issues.

除了, a large number of millennials are only interested in working for organizations committed to social responsibility. A recent study found that more than 80 percent of millennials expect the companies they work for to make a public commitment to good corporate citizenship. 这包括关注千禧一代认为有意义的事业, 比如环境, 公民权利, 医疗保健, 和教育.

底线是为了留住和吸引最优秀的人才, 组织必须考虑社会和政治问题.


今年, some organizations began moving from a remote work model to a hybrid virtual model that combines some time in the office with remote work. 其他组织正计划在2022年采取这一行动. The hybrid model introduces greater flexibility w在这里 employees can work from home, 公司办公室, 或者其他地方, 比如咖啡店或联合办公空间.

While the last year of remote work clearly proved successful for many roles, 这对其他人来说也是个问题. 例如, sales development representatives and newly graduated recruits required more direct in-person management supervision, in addition to the fellowship and collaboration fostered from being around colleagues and teams. 另一方面, 角色在工程, 通信, 在远程工作模式下,产品开发是成功的. 事实上, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that more than 20 percent of the global workforce could work the majority of its time away from the traditional office—and be just as effective.

因此,找到正确的工作模型的平衡是至关重要的. 这种平衡在每个组织中都是不同的. It is up to management to decide what works best for their organizations—whether that arrangement includes a fully remote working model, 一个混合模型, 或者回到办公室全职工作.

要记住的一件重要的事情是沟通. Numerous studies report that many employees are feeling anxious and burned out.  One main source of anxiety is quite clear: employees do not feel their employers are sharing enough about their plans for post-pandemic working arrangements. While some organizations have announced plans to embrace hybrid virtual work going forward, 他们中很少有人分享详细的指导方针, 政策, 和期望. And this lack of specifics has left their employees feeling nervous and anxious.

T在这里 is no question that the pandemic turned the traditional “five days in the office” working model upside down. The sudden shift to remote work caused a huge change in how organizations work and interact. 我们的国家开始重新开放,形成了一种新的大流行后的常态, it is vital for business owners and leaders to understand and embrace these changes. Leaders must develop new 政策 that ensure flexibility, compassion, balance, and productivity. Companies that do so will thrive and build a successful workplace for the future.

这个即将到来的新年, navigating your first business through the evolving work culture can feel extremely overwhelming for new business owners – implementing safety protocols, 远程设置你的新员工, 确保你的生意符合州法律,这个清单还很长. 我们公司, ku真人app, is 在这里 to help you with the legal documents you need for your new business. 这一切都从a开始 内华达公司. 今天就开始吧,我们很快就会安排好!

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