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What’s the Best Way for 业务 Leaders to Sell Smart, Meaningful Ideas?


“创意是21世纪真正的货币st Century,” writes public speaking coach and author Carmine Gallo. “So in order to succeed, you need to be able to sell your ideas and yourself persuasively. That ability is the greatest skill that will help you accomplish your business dreams.”

To provide the 太ls to develop robust presentations and deliver captivating lectures, Gallo examined hundreds of TED Talks and interviewed TED presenters and top researchers in numerous fields. The outcome is expert advice on producing memorable business presentations and meetings. Below are some of Gallo’s expert tips for inspiring any audience:

让激情流淌: There is no question that passion is contagious, but you can’t inspire others unless you are inspired. As a result, it is vital to continuously express enthusiasm and passion for your ideas. Identify your connection to the topic and inspire listeners with this meaningful connection.

掌握讲故事的艺术: Because stories stimulate and engage the human brain, storytellers must tell stories that touch the hearts and minds of listeners, as well as consistently express passion and inspire.

In fact, public interest lawyer Bryan Stevenson delivered a 2012年Ted演讲, 标题为“我们需要谈谈不公正”,” which received the longest standing ovation in TED Talk history. Not only did he spend a majority of his speech sharing heartfelt stories, but he also welcomed his grandmother and Rosa Parks onstage to share their personal stories.

Consider your Conversations with Friends and Family: Only after creating an emotional connection, 建立融洽的关系, 并获得信任, 你能练习真正的说服吗. 为了实现这一点, your presentation or meeting should feel relaxed, similar to having a discussion with a friend or family member. Consistent practice and internalizing the content are two ways to create this conversation.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Laughter:来自 梅奥诊所 shows that laughter not only relieves stress and increases endorphins, but laughter also improves the immune system, 缓解疼痛, 提高情绪, 减少抑郁和焦虑. 除了, laughter can help charm your listeners because humor makes you more likable, 这反过来又, makes others more willing to do business with you. 幽默也让人们走得更近, 提供了一个新的视角, 帮助重构问题, 减少紧张和皮质醇, 刺激循环和肌肉放松, 增加弹性, 提高免疫系统. 这对所有人来说都是双赢.

别忘了18分钟规则: Nobody likes to listen to long, overloaded, and meandering presentations. Instead, you need to inform, while also holding people’s attention. 那么最好的长度是多少? 简单的回答是18分钟. According to TED Talks curator Chris Anderson, “Eighteen minutes is short enough to hold people’s attention, 包括在互联网上, 而且精确到值得认真对待. But it’s also long enough to say something that matters.”

A short lecture also wards off “cognitive backlog,” which resembles information that weighs you down. For example, a 10-minute presentation produces a small amount of cognitive backlog. 然而, a 40-minute presentation presents a great deal of information, which tends to produce a large amount of cognitive backlog. This, in turn, forces your audience to stop listening.

除了认知积压, boredom and short attention spans will cause your audience to seek out other stimulation. While your lecture may be fascinating and captivating, the bottom line is that human beings get bored quite easily.

While some may question whether 18 minutes is long enough to deliver a strong, 有意义的信息, 答案是响亮的肯定的. In fact, on September 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy delivered an 18-minute speech to a very large crowd at Rice University Stadium in Houston, 德州. The purpose of Kennedy’s famous speech was to inform the public about his detailed plan to land a man on the moon before the year 1970.

在短短18分钟内, President Kennedy successfully characterized space as a new frontier, invoking the pioneer spirit that dominated American folklore. He infused the speech with a sense of urgency and destiny, and emphasized the freedom enjoyed by Americans to choose their destiny – rather than have it chosen for them: “We choose to go to the moon,”他解释说. “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, 并不是因为它们容易, 而是因为它们很难, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, 我们不愿推迟, 而且是我们想要赢得的, 和其他人, 太.”

According to Gallo, ideas can change the direction of your life and potentially change the world. “You don’t need luck to be an inspiring speaker,” he writes. “You need courage—the courage to follow your passion, articulate your ideas simply and express what makes your heart sing.”

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