With the ever-growing trend in America of identity theft and frivolous lawsuits it’s crucial that you protect your personal/business information and assets. ku真人app can give you and your business the security you need to thrive.

Corporate asset protection is the protection of assets from frivolous, ill-motivated, 不合逻辑的, 而且经常, devastating claims that can destroy your current and future lifestyle.

It doesn't take a catastrophic lawsuit to wipe out everything you own. Many things can affect a small business, leaving your personal assets fully exposed.

值得庆幸的是, there are a variety of ways to transfer ownership of assets to shelter them for protection. The following is list of the devices and entities that can be used for estate and asset protection planning:

  • 生活信托
  • 有限合伙
  • 公司 & 有限责任公司
  • 家庭安全信托基金
  • 地产私隐信托
  • 人寿保险信托基金

Protecting your assets encompasses more than just safeguarding them from lawsuits. You want to strive to protect your foundation for generations to come. 正确的资产保护策略对安全至关重要, 为你的未来做好保障, 你的事业和你的家庭.


  • 据估计,在美国有3.5万起诉讼.S. 一周中的每一天!
  • 身份盗窃呈指数级增长
  • 网络钓鱼、网址嫁接和其他犯罪活动日益猖獗


Most small businesses k现在 that incorporating can shield personal assets in the event of a frivolous lawsuits but many are lulled into complacency by an "it-won't-happen-to-me" attitude. This thinking has resulted in tremendous losses to countless business owners.

The most sought-after benefit of incorporating is the ability to separate personal assets from business assets, 合法, 通过建立一个企业面纱. The corporate veil prevents lawsuits and other adverse actions against a business from targeting the personal assets of the business owner.

There has never been a case in which the corporate veil has been pierced on a properly operated 内华达 entity.


It’s a sad reality but if you’re engaged in any business activity, you’re likely to face a lawsuit. 国防费用很容易就能超过10万美元. 你努力创造的一切都将面临危险.


  • 雇佣诉讼:年龄歧视, 种族, 性别, 怀孕, 残疾, 精神疾病, 成瘾的歧视, 性骚扰, 同伴的骚扰, 错误的终止, 员工受伤, 等.
  • Professional malpractice: medical, legal, psychological, engineering, architectural, accounting, 等.
  • 商业责任诉讼:环境清理, 顾客不满, 人身伤害, 股东的责任, 等.
  • 个人诉讼:离婚, 业务合作伙伴, 债权人索赔, 家庭成员意外伤害, 人身伤害, 等.


The sad truth is that when you’re perceived to have assets worth plundering, you’re more likely to be targeted for that reason rather than your degree of fault in any matter.

过去只有大公司才会这么做, 银行, insurance institutions and household names were targeted for lawsuits, 但现在情况不再是这样了. New targets for litigants are 现在 anyone who has saved for retirement, 拥有房屋或出租物业, 他们是个体经营者或小企业主. It’s estimated that over 30 million people in the United States have mutual funds, 储蓄, 或者拥有自己的房子.

更糟糕的是, there are millions of practicing lawyers and countless others graduating from law school, 谁在寻找能让他们赚钱的案子. Every day in court a plaintiff prevails against a so-called 'wealthy' defendant – even in cases that appear 不合逻辑的, 非理性的, 完全没有价值.


  • 业主
  • 企业主
  • 上市公司的高级人员/董事
  • 个体户
  • 房地产投资者

如果你属于其中任何一类, 或者有一笔退休储蓄, 你得马上消除人们起诉你的动机!

The key is to make sure that plaintiffs and their lawyers can't get their hands on your money because then they won't waste the time and money trying.


Thanks to the internet, people can find out all kinds of information about you. Access to an individual's private, sensitive, and financial information is unprecedented. Criminals can find out what you're worth just sitting at their desk.

如果你是身份盗窃的受害者, it can take upwards of a month before a major bank is able to investigate the claim and refund the stolen dollars back into your account. That's why corporate and business asset protection is an absolute necessity. It lowers your asset profile and keeping confidential information safely out of criminals' reach is paramount.

把有价值的资产从你的个人名字中剔除是有道理的, or from being reported under your social security number or other identifier – but how can you achieve this?

豁免、事务、实体 & 信托——有几个策略需要考虑. 没有单一的解决方案, as individual circumstances will dictate the right combination of activity. 然而, many people have taken advantage of some unique privacy legislation by incorporating themselves or their business in 内华达 where the state's sheltering corporate statutes allow the highest level of anonymity possible.

通过将资产转移到信托机构或企业实体, 这些资产不再以个人名义持有或报告. 因此, it is much more difficult for criminals to find or access either the account information or the assets themselves. Even if the individual's identity is compromised and accounts accessed, the assets held in entities are unaffected and thus available to keep an individual's affairs afloat until the identify theft matter is resolved.

Now is the time to get serious about providing the highest level of protection for your family.

ku真人app, we’ll show you how to protect your assets with our proven corporate asset protection strategies. 今天打电话给我们 1-.



组建你的有限责任公司在线是快速的 & 容易与ku真人app. 让你的 总理LLC包 现在!



  • You can live and run your business in any state and still incorporate in 内华达.
  • 组建你的实体不涉及最低资本要求
  • Lawsuit proof laws - If your business does get sued, your personal assets will stay safe.
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