Revocable Living Trust

No matter your income or the value of your assets, you need to have a plan to protect your family. Let 内华达 Corporate Headquarters help you set up a Revocable Living Trust to keep your assets in the family and avoid expensive court proceedings.

Designed to help you carefully plan and protect your estate, a Revocable Living Trust is a flexible estate planning tool created while you’re living to ensure that you meet your financial and family goals after you pass away. Treated as a separate legal ‘person’ in the eyes of the law, it solves the problem of estates having their assets tied up in probate.

Another benefit of having a Revocable Living Trust is that the property types you can hold in are endless including things like your personal residence, personal bank accounts, 珠宝, intellectual property, 人寿保险, 的艺术作品, 和更多的.

Regardless of your net worth, it's important to have a basic estate plan in place – especially if your goal is to protect your assets from estate taxes and avoid probate as this requires more than a will. Our in-house legal team here at 内华达 Corporate Headquarters is ready to help you set up a Revocable Living Trust and answer any questions or concerns.

Advantages of a Living Trust

Revocable Living Trusts offers many advantages including avoidance of probate and privacy protection. Creating a Revocable Living Trust can save your estate thousands of dollars. The simple fact is…you may not see the benefits of having a living trust; however, your family will!

  • 避免遗嘱认证 – Probate is the process of court proceedings through which the court distributes your assets according to your wishes of the executor. This is an expensive process and can leave your assets tied in the legal process for months or years.
  • Asset Protection and 隐私 – While the courts consider Wills as public record, a Revocable Living Trust is a separate legal “person” under the law. This shields the owner's identity and allows for the private distribution of your estate upon your death. A living trust is valid in every state.

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*Legal Disclaimer – 内华达 Corporate Headquarters, Inc. has prepared the content of this website for informational purposes only. It is not legal advice. An in-house independent 内华达 law firm provides our legal services.*

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